Y da Anil Kapoor why ?

After all the furore over Anil Kapoor in MI 4, I was quite frankly disappointed when I saw his blink-and- you-miss role in the movie.Before the scene starts, the theatre audience gave a loud jeer and some people whistled too. But when Tom Cruise gives an intro to his colleague about Anil Kapoor and says “Indian billionaire, flirtatious playboy….” the audience had no choice but to give out a heavy laugh !

Anil Kapoor in an interview said that Tom Cruise wanted to be sensitive to the Indian culture while shooting but alas that was just in an interview. Within 50 seconds into Anil Kapoor’s introduction we have Anil Kapoor flaunting his collection of Kamasutra pics. Quite frankly, the book receives more hype abroad than in India, where it is taboo to talk about it. Though I agree that the flaunting goes well the image of him being a playboy, I cannot fathom how Kama Sutra is in the Indian culture.

Apart from these the movie doesn’t lack in any sense in awesomeness. The stunt sequence in the Al Burj hotel in Dubai is awesome. That might be the closest I ever get to the hotel in my life ! The climax  fighting sequence in the multi-level car park apparently in Mumbai (but not) is amazing. The idea that the villain uses Sun TV cable network to destroy the world is amusing.

As an action/thriller movie, yes MI 4 is an amazing movie. But Anil Kapoor’s role in the movie is over hyped. After Slumdog Millionaire this is definitely a step down. I mean Mallika Sherawat had a better role in the Myth than Anil Kapoor in this movie.

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