Why WordPress ?

This being my first attempt to write a blog I was confused on which platform/site should I create my blog. Popular options were Tumblr or WordPress or Blogger. With absolutely no thought or inquiry I created my first page on tumblr. The themes and the look of the blog felt good. Then casually my co-worker asked me “Why are you not creating on blogger ? It is automatically connected to your google account.” Then it dawned upon me, “Why did I choose Tumblr ? Should I explore other options ??”. Thus I embarked on a journey researching my options namely Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger.
Here is what might be a very amateurish analysis of the three sites :-

As I said Tumblr scores very good on the look and feel of the blog. The themes and font are rich. There is this nice feature called ‘queue’ where you can write your blog articles and put it on a queue and Tumblr will post the article from the queue in regular intervals which you can set. This is a pretty neat feature for people who cant spend time every week for an article. They can write 3-4 articles on one go and post it one by one. But Tumblr has few drawbacks. You do not have any facility to view the number of people visiting your blog. This is there if you go for the premium version but as a beginner I don’t think one is going to go for a premium version of a blog. Nor does it have its own commenting facility. The workaround is to create a DISQUS account for enabling comments and having a Google Analytics tracking code for viewing your blog related statistics. Popular Blogs using Tumblr are tambrahmrage, localparty (Don’t mess with the single/thin people ok ?).

Blogger :-
Blogger’s greatest advantage is that it can link to your Google account. Like your Google Plus (if you use it), Google Translate and Google Reader, Blogger seamlessly integrates into your Google account. It has commenting facility and you can use Google Analytics to get the statistics of your blog. The latest upgrade of all Google sites with the theme resembling Google+ makes the back-end of Blogger appealing. The drawback I would say with blogger is that the themes are very simple. The colour options are far from attractive. The official Google and Gmail blog (for obvious reasons) and the official Twitter blog use Blogger.

It is apparently the most used blogging site in the world. It is open source and has a hell lot of features. Most of which I haven’t explored myself. It has a lot of themes (not as rich as Tumblr but they are pretty good).The sidebar menu is a really cool feature. It makes exploring the site and its options very easy. The best part about WordPress is it has its own commenting and statistics option. No need for extra accounts in other sites. Popular blogs using WordPress are Techcrunch, TED Blog,  etc.

The thing about WordPress and Tumblr is that they have certain features which are free and some for which you have to pay. Because of this, they have dedicated developers working on really cool stuff. But with Blogger everything is Google’s stuff and it has a long way to go to make it attractive. Also, there is no mechanism to directly publish your posts on Facebook/Twitter which provides the most number of readers for any blog.

Almost all three of these sites have some common features like creating multiple blogs under one user name, connecting to other bloggers on the same platform, simple dashboard to control settings of your blogs, etc.

In the end, I decided to go with WordPress, just for the ease of maintaining one account. There might be some feature I missed out on the other sites which made them more cool. But I choose to believe that I have  made a right choice and move on. If you do feel I missed out on something, you are welcome to point them out to me here.

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