BITS PS2 Syndrome

Today marks my one year in Oracle, Bangalore. A post to reminiscent how it all began – PS 2. As long as I have BITSians who are on my friend list I will continue to see senti status updates, memorable photo albums and of course the PDA (which some friends of mine whose name I shall not take here (Gurtej) still continue). Many students have successfully ended their PS 2 programs and many are yet to begin theirs.

What I would like to point out here is the set of traits,things that you can expect from yourself and/or maybe your friends, things that fits into almost all BITSian’s if their PS2 is in Bangalore.

First month & first pay:
First month usually goes into knowing your team, product, reading assignment (if any). Apart from this also knowing your fellow PS mates. You are very diligent about your in-time/out-time. You go around asking for work though deep inside you want them say “Come later. We dont have anything that you can handle now”
All throughout the month you keep calculating and re-calculating 25/30 x (Stipend) to figure out how much money you are going to get on Jan 31. And when you do get that money you laugh your balls out imagining what you actually did and what the company is paying you for. You wish such awesome days shall continue and they do.

TT & Foosball:
Most companies have such recreational facilities. Even if you don’t know how to play these games, at the end of PS you will definitely be a master at the game. The temptation actually increases when you see certain people regularly playing. You feel that they come to office just for playing and they are exploiting the company’s resources. You feel you also have a right to exploitation and begin to play extended matches much to the annoyance of the pro players. But required for this is a good company of PS mates. If you have no PS mates and too sincere ones (both are actually same) then I am sorry nobody can help you.

Again, another facility which really tempts you because
a) It is provided for free.
b) Once you start working you get this pre-middle age crisis where you are overly concerned about your physical appearance which was absolutely void during your college days where you didn’t mind chugging down food given in mess and the Palti shop without counting the calories they would add.
Thus ensues, as my friend Anurag had worded, a battle between your comfort and vanity. A struggle that may last for six months if you persevere or may end in a week.

Yes, to the important topic! Since your purchasing power has increased indulgence in ‘extra-curricular’ activities also increases. MG Road, Indiranagar, Koramangala are places whose topography you will mostly know by heart. As time progresses and you save up more money, your frequency and measure also increases. Bangalore is definitely not short of places to go out but the 11 pm rule is a buzz kill (ya like we didn’t know that).

Deriving from the same argument as above, as your purchasing power increases and as your savings also increases you do tend to buy stuff. The most promising argument you hear is the good feeling you get when you buy stuff with your own ‘hard-earned’ money. These might range from mobile phone, guitar, clothes, shoes or like my friend Ishan all the above ! Also, depending on whether you are in a relationship or not, these things will actually end up with you !

In all of this, the most important part is you share wonderful memories with your friends.Though, there might be circumstances where you do not remember anything from last night, you still always have that sober friend who records everything on his mobile camera and shows it to you in the morning to refresh your memories.

It is a fun-filled experience. Much to look forward for to. As my friend Pralav put it “The things which you actually learn in PS is nothing special but you should definitely experience it once “. At the end of all you should feel “Why da ? Why did it have end ? “. It makes you realize that nice things come to an end to make you realize the worth of it.

To close, I read somewhere on the net which sort of surmises my whole post
” Stay busy, get plenty of exercise, and don’t drink too much.  Then again, don’t drink too little”.

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2 Responses to BITS PS2 Syndrome

  1. ankit says:

    srsly, “pre-middle age crisis”?? you are no-where close to middle-age at 21/22 !

    • pensivethumbs says:

      Haha !! I agree. That is why I said PRE middle age crisis. You have to agree that people tend to get more cautious about appearance in PS 😀

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